Quality Certification
From the metal sheet to the hardware, the products pass through the quality inspection layer by layer, to guarantee the products quality meets the national standard.
Industry Leader
The leading technological level has won a good reputation in the PCB printing industry and etching industry.
Product Assurance
High-quality after-sales service and patient production training allow you to use the machine without worrying about production.
Service Support
Provide you with an integrated solution.
PCB and Stainless Steel Application Support
Printed Circuit Board Character Jet Printing and Anti-etching Scheme of Stainless Steel
Application Support of Acrylic Plate and Glass
Acrylic Plate and Glass Material Jet Printing Scheme
Application Support of Printhead and Ink Consumables
Printhead, UV Ink and Common Consumables Solution
News & Events
Shanghai Indask Technologies Co. , Ltd. participated in the International Electronic Circuit (Shenzhen) exhibition, a complete success!
International Electronic Circuit (Shenzhen) exhibition December 4th through 6th During the exhibition fully demonstrated the people-oriented, integrity management, innovation and progress, harmonious development; humane, high-quality, details of the service;
Shanghai Indask Technologies Co. Ltd.. Address Change Letter
Thanks to your company's long-standing support and cooperation, here, Shanghai is looking at all staff to express our sincere thanks! Due to our business development needs, from October 20, 2019, the company will relocate to a new office address, the specific contact details are attached.
Shanghai Indask Technologies Co.,Ltd. will participate in the International Electronic Circuit(Shenzhen) Exhibition, our booth number 9L01
The 2019 International Electronic Circuit(Shenzhen) Exhibition(formerly known as the International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly South China Exhibition) will be held in Grand Hall 1, 2, 4 and 9 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on December 4-6!
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